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As a furniture designer maker, I explore concepts at the workbench. A series of questions are asked about the materials and craft processes used to manipulate them, these then evolve into further questions and subsequently a piece. I find this live experience of play to be challenging yet rewarding and informative. As the material rejects one idea, I embrace new opportunities which arise and often let this inform the design direction.

The final outcome is a record of this process, with craft being the vehicle which leaves evidence of human manipulation. I aim for this manipulation to entice interaction from the audience, to tempt them in to explore my language and the tactile forms and perhaps vicariously experience my process, forming a rich relationship with the object.

My knowledge of traditional craft skills coupled with embracing the use of digital technologies such as CNC routing, allows me to reinterpret the world around me. Furniture as a medium allows me to explore creative ambition and when balanced with the practical process of making, anchors me and forces an outcome I fear I would never reach if left to explore the conceptual.

For me, furniture is an interesting medium as we view it through a loaded lens, the audience must complete the piece by exploring and adding there own narrative. Kinetic Landscape embodies this concept, the piece stands as a sculpture, it is only when the tactile forms are explored that the audience stumbles across its functional quality.